Some operations of multikulti have continued under Q4 Radio at Genesis Art Supply.

Currently we offer space for meetings / engagements of up to 30 people for NFP organizations and activist groups.

For small groups suggested donation is $20 for 1-2hrs.

For large groups (15-30) suggested donation is $20 per hour.

However with membership plan you can meet as often as our schedule allows.

Membership is suggested $100 / mo. (Groups who have met regularly at the old multikulti space are grandfathered in their last agreement with space.)

Facilities include working elevator (there is one flight of stairs to get to elevator), small fridge for small item one day storage, printer accessible from one computer, wifi, a simple copy machine, tables  and chairs, bathroom, library (coming soon), modest two light chromakey setup (coming soon) and a wireless mic, video projector  and screen and modest PA for speaking engagements.

For bookings you can contact us at que4radio@gmail.com

For request for radio show you can contact us at que4admin@googlegroups.com

Q4 Radio is a registered 501c.3 NFP organization application pending.

Here are some preliminary photos of the available spaces:




Founded in 2010, Incorporated in 2011 multikulti | Check out Chicago Activism