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Multikulti Jazz Sessions Pic Multikulti Jazz Sessions

Each week features the house band hosted by Andrew Lawrence on keys who opens the night with regulars such as Peter Manheim on drums, Samuel Mösching on guitar, Emma Dayhuff on Bass and Ben Schmidt-Swartz on tenor sax. After these cats are done riffing some killer licks ranging from improvisations on jazz standards to their own original tunes, the second set is an open jam where other musicians can sit in and play. So bring your axe if you got the chops! The session goes late for a good hang and a lot of local jazz cats frequent the scene bringing a wide variety of talent and groovin sounds.
Chicago Community Darkroom4 Chicago Community Darkroom Print Out Wednesdays

Join us every Wednesday at 7pm for Print Out, Chicago Community Darkroom’s weekly open house. Interested in processing a roll of film or making some prints during Print Out? It’s only a $10 lab fee for three hours!

The open house is a great opportunity to hang out with other CCD members who are glad to share knowledge of photography and lend a helping hand.

Even if you’re just a beginner we’ll help guide you through the process and make sure you leave with some nice prints.
Living Lounge6 Living Lounge

Living Lounge aims to bridge the gap between the genres of conscious art, music, business and the healing communities of our amazing city. The entertainment present ranges from world music, house, hip hop, funk, dance/electronic music with live performances and DJ’s. Getting back to the basics of what makes Chicago’s Music Scene world renown.

The idea is that when we live and lounge together, we grow together! Have you been looking for somewhere outside of the regular ol’ night out? Is there a part of you that knows there should be something happening where good music, interesting people, conscious communities and culture meet? If you believe it’s time for Chicagoans to unite and create events by the people for the people. Then come and show your support for The Living Lounge!
Lethal Poetry - Words That kill Lethal Poetry – Words that Kill

Beyond Mere Words. Lethal Poetry is an art organization in Chi supporting independent music, poetry, comedy, and so much more!

The Lethal Poetry Collective is back at Multikulti and ready for slam season to begin all over again. Bring your poems, stories, jokes, songs, and talent for this all-inclusive variety show!

Join your favorite poetic assassins at for a fantastic night of performance, hosted by Adrienne Nadeau, Anjee-O, Mojdeh, Blaine & Andy.
Kung Fu Sundays Kung Fu Sundays

‎Kung Fu Sundays isn’t just a hip hop event, it’s a evolutionary experience featuring hip hop performances, live art, martial arts demonstrations, watch kung fu movies/anime, play video games, eat delicious fusion food, and dance to good music. #KungFuSundays is a kick ass experience all the way around.
Illinois NORML

Illinois NORML Monthly Meetup

Join us for the Illinois NORML Chicago monthly meetings, held the first Wednesday of every month from 7-9PM at MultiKulti.

Illinois NORML is the Illinois Chapter of the National Organization to Reform Marijuana Laws (NORML). We are a public interest, non-profit organization that aims to eliminate penalties for responsible cannabis use. We focus primarily on the State and local levels where we feel we can have the biggest impact. By focusing on the state and local level we are engaging politicians in the communities they represent and where these policies are being enforced the most. Although Federal law still applies we feel that the State and local levels are where our voice can be not only heard but also effective. Come out to our monthly meeting to learn more and get involved!
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