• Welcome to multikulti

    Multikulti is a community, arts and activist center in the heart of Chicago. We house the Q4 Radio Station, Chromakey Room, 24hr Access Darkroom, Meeting Space, The Chicago Occupy Library with many member organizations including ILNorml, Chicago Independent Television, OpenSource Temple and more. We also house a community of members that support the space and activist projects.
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  • Projects at multikulti

    multikulti's hack group is working on solutions that benefit the activist community. Some of our ongoing projects include producing the CITV show for Indymedia, developing an activist aggregation site ChicagoActivism.org, developing a gamified activist badge and point system from Navy software, maintaining an activist and organizational directory, developing Raspberry Pi computers to act as upstream devices for transmitters (AM1680 Q4 Radio) and maintaining a community library.
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  • Organizations

    multikulti partners and facilitates the following organizations and more: Rising Tide Chicago, Ballot Integrity Committee, Chicago Indymedia, ILNorml, Tar Sands Free Midwest, Organic Consumers Association, System Change Not Climate Change, Democracy USA, Veterans for Peace, IVAW, Frack Free Illinois, Q4 Radio, Chicago Community Darkroom, Page Telegram, Chicago Anti-Eviction Campaign, Broken Bonds Network, Nuclear Energy Information Service, FreeGeek Chicago and Open Jazz Tuesday nights.
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Some operations of multikulti have continued under Q4 Radio at Genesis Art Supply.

Currently we offer space for meetings / engagements of up to 30 people for NFP organizations and activist groups.

For small groups suggested donation is $20 for 1-2hrs.

For large groups (15-30) suggested donation is $20 per hour.

However with membership plan you can meet as often as our schedule allows.

Membership is suggested $100 / mo. (Groups who have met regularly at the old multikulti space are grandfathered in their last agreement with space.)

Facilities include working elevator (there is one flight of stairs to get to elevator), small fridge for small item one day storage, printer accessible from one computer, wifi, a simple copy machine, tables  and chairs, bathroom, library (coming soon), modest two light chromakey setup (coming soon) and a wireless mic, video projector  and screen and modest PA for speaking engagements.

For bookings you can contact us at que4radio@gmail.com

For request for radio show you can contact us at que4admin@googlegroups.com

Q4 Radio is a registered 501c.3 NFP organization application pending.

Here are some preliminary photos of the available spaces:




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This map is but the first attempt to build a better more cohesive Chicago. This map contains a sample of the many activist organizations located in our city. If you would like to add your group to our map, please click the link and fill out the form [here]. We’ll add you as soon as possible.

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Our facility is available to help bring your vision to life

Multikulti is a multidimensional space that provides a diverse array of resources for our community.

Community Room / Performance Center                       The community room at Multikulti is ideal for hosting activities and events including: meetings, workshops, conferences, movie screenings, fundraisers and performances.
Resources include: stage, PA system, video projector with screen, dry erase boards, couches and chairs to seat 70 people.
Conference Room                      The conference room is a great space for intimate meetings with a great view of the Chicago skyline. The room also has access to our kitchen which is available to use upon request for luncheons, dinners, or potlucks.
Resources include: conference table, dry erase boards, and a video projector with screen, and chairs to seat 30 people..
The Multikulti office is a professional workspace with ample  resources that organizations need to operate.
Resources include: computers, high speed internet, wi-fi hotspot, printer, copy machine, fax, phone.


The Multikulti library has a wide selection of books that are available for members to check out. Come sit back, relax, and absorb an eclectic collection of knowledge and ideas.
Selections include: history, labor, politics, media, corruption, democracy,  economics, religion / spirituality, science, classics, fiction, and a whole collection of zines.


Video Studio                      The video studio provides all the tools you need to film, edit, and produce your vision. Our studio can be used to create: news reports, commercials, PSA’s, lectures, presentations, instructional videos, comedy skits, short films, music videos, and parts of a reality TV series
Resources Include: HD video cameras, lighting, lavalier mics, green screen, editing suites with Adobe Premier.
Audio Studio                      The audio studio has equipment for music and sound production. Our studio can be used to produce songs, albums, radio commercials, PSA’s, and spots.
Resources include: microphones, mixer, electronic piano, effects processors, and a computer with Pro Tools interface.

Radio Studio
The radio studio is the home of Q4Radio which is broadcasted on the internet at www.que4.org and also in the Rogers Park neighborhood on 1680AM. Q4 Radio is the only station in Chicago for activism and the arts. With unique programming by a variety of talk show hosts, radio personalities, and DJ’s that specialize in local music from the underground scene.
Resources Include: microphones, mixing board, headsets, monitor, on-air telephone, and two computers for sampling and broadcasting
Photography Darkroom                      The Chicago Community Darkroom is one of the last refuges in Chicago for traditional photographers to have a public space to develop film. Every Wednesday is open house and newcomers can come to try out the equipment and gain experience developing and printing film.
Resources include: chemicals, washing station, enlargers, light box, dryer



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872-216-8584 (leave a message and we will get back to you)

Founded in 2010, Incorporated in 2011 multikulti | Check out Chicago Activism