Medical Marijuana Institute – FREE CLASS – Sat. Dec. 14th

Medical Marijuana Institute – FREE CLASS – Sat. Dec. 14th

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Medical Marijuana Institute! (MMI)

Would like to announce:

Scholarship for a basic certification in Illinois Marijuana Industries is being offered. MMI is helping by donating 100 scholarships starting with the first 50 adult attendees signing up for this class. After completion of this session, you will have the basic information that will be needed for the success of Illinois Medical Marijuana, Compassionate use of Medical Cannabis, Pilot Program, and details that will be in effect as of January 2014.

Certification can help prepare you for the unfolding of jobs that will be available in Illinois Books are not included and will be purchased when signing up for class, totaling $100.00.
This program will help assist quality in the individuals that will work in the industry.

Class objectives to be covered:

· State laws for the industry

· How the doctors are to handle a patient recommendation.

· Patients processing to gain access to a state patient id card.

· How the growers will facilitate and grow the type of medicine needed for the

· You will have to have an understanding of the 40 listed conditions and description of the conditions.

· How to help the list of conditions open up to conditions not currently under the
Pilot Program.

· How the dispensary will sell the medicines, the strains of medication as well as an understanding of the different methods of delivery, ex: smoking, oils, bakes goods, rubs.
Illinois is now the 20th State to open up this possibility for patience

Please contact: Silvia O-K to register 847-217-4606

Cost: FREE

December 14, 2013
9AM to 5PM

1000 N Milwaukee Ave 4 floor
Chicago IL

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